Horizon EP

by .oilage




A few songs I've made this month. Will be on my next 12in12x12 thing.


released 14 November 2014




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Track Name: Favourite Place
My favourite place
is where I am
I don't listen
To what they say

my roots are growing
and causing them serious
damage and by living
I'm making a series of

bad decisions that will
make all my friends
animals go to the hill
and leave all their

past behind and go
to their new houses

destroying their owners
they wither and die

My favourite place
is where I am
Don't you kill me
I'm here to stay

My spreading is unstoppable
fast and
soon I'll lead you
all to the end

It'll help all of
the animals to
ascend and become one
stronger than you and

everyone that came before
they will shine and rip you apart

the farm will come and sing you their song
It will start the end of the world
Track Name: Horizon Call / ???
trees burn and their arms extend
the vision was so much deceiving
and this is the end of our existence
I shouldn't have been so indecisive because

I have seen it all
I have seen the rise and fall
And we'll see horizon call for us
and everyone will drown
Track Name: Oak Door
I can see the parking lot beam
towering high and some loud buzzing
showing colours not seen before
and inside the oldest oak door

the scene was paralysing
and green light surrounds me
electromagnetic spikes
I become one with light

suddenly it's the 1400's
and the pyramids are glowing
weird clothing and people dancing
bending light while they're chanting