Another Day

by .oilage

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This is me trying lyric writing.
It has songs from a lot of different places, from my first album (Kazaukpa, now with lyrics) to my latest entry to the 12in12x12 project (The Mountain Song, Intruder In The Land)

For older releases and instrumental stuff, check


released September 21, 2014

Recorded in August and September, 2014.

Cover art based on Musical Allegory, by Rembrandt.




.oilage Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

.oilage is my weird music project.
For older releases, check my second page.
WARNING: May contain nonsense.

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Track Name: The Clock
get me out of here
I cannot sleep
get me out of here
this is killing me, slowly,

as the time passes by

get me out of here
I cannot live
the way you're treating me
is ending me, surely,

as the clock goes around
Track Name: Bugador Jam
I have grown up in this town
I have seen the evil deep inside it

but it didn't sip it through

A major revolution built it all
but now it is all gone in the fall

It will never sip it through

Took a look at whats worse on this place
Never wanting to see them face to face
The message got lost in translation
And we now live in desolation

It was time for a change of mind
Mice and freaks let us all unite and fight

It may just be what we need to do

we got up the misfits together at last
it's time to get up and stand the test

it is really what we need to do

The circus gang is here tonight
we just want to end the times
of not caring for each other and ourselves
it's a change we need don't you forget
Track Name: Kore Soteira
walking on the hinterland we are following the river
grass and trees as far as the eyes can see
kore soteira she says makes it all look so green
and as we go it's all alive and never ceases to be

kore soteira
kore soteira

they show me their crops and how they go forever
the sound of nature is everywhere we go
humble houses and kids playing seem so happy
I feel the need to stay and be as one oh no

kore soteira
shine for them

as the sunshine blinded me I felt so bad
when I came back they were already there
the small kids now looked so scared
I hope I'm doing the right thing for them
Track Name: Intruder In The Land
they will never see things
the way you think they should
they will never show up
no i don't think they would
please go back to the
place you came from be gone
why can't you go away and
leave all of us alone

no you keep building things in our town
no you keep destroying our whole lives
no you keep brainwashing all of us
you just keep setting things on fire

all your new inventions
are just a beautiful lie
I've never seen nature
so willingly ready to die
all our plants and crops
are feeding your machine
we are getting dry
so will it, you see?
Track Name: The Mountain Song
the voice in the forest sings the song written a thousand years ago
when they heard the sound it will never let them go
the mountain song will come and rip right through their throats
for all the destruction, there will only be their ghosts to tell

the story of the mountain song

and through the woods they will come to get what they used to own
for their wrath and hate the intruders fell into their doom
the scars are there but they can always grow them out
and the trees burned will come back stronger through the hymn of

the story of the mountain song
Track Name: Kazaukpa
the tide goes in, the tide goes out
they will be heroes when no one's around
they were with us in the shack
and now they are never coming back

we are never going to see their faces ever again

the giant machine's rise and fall
it was all gone after all
the circus kids saved the day
and now they are alone again

we are never going to see their faces ever again
Track Name: It's Fine
the burning of the letters I send
did it ever make you feel ok
our names were silk screened on our brains
like ghosts of the older days

you never wanted to change the way
you are neither did I and that is fine
i guess it was never meant to
be you and i and that is fine
(no it's not)

when I thought of you while mad
I still felt like you were
incredible rays of sun that peer through the window
show us that it wasn't so simple
Track Name: Next Step
always stuck
by what I can't control
we can't see the world

then the doors stayed open
when no one was around
can they see it all?

the ground shifts helplessly
under our bare feet
let's not be indoors this time
we are going places we
have never been before
we are taking the next step oh

and it was blinding at first
seeing the outside
against the tide

we all progress
slowly seeing more
we are free and gone
Track Name: The Incommunicable Love
tell me what you want
tell me what you need
i'm what you want
but not what you need

oh why can't you see
see their lies and you're free
i'll be here with your team
when you're back

oh please say you're there
I know it's unfair
see i'm with you young man
just not alive
Track Name: Diamond Girl
i know what you said
i'm alright and you're ok
but I think you are wrong
I think you're the best of all

come on here with me
I'll will show the way
I'll keep you safe
they will let you live

I know they look scary
but they are alright
they will protect you here
you'll be just fine

take one of these
they will make you pleased
is there something you need
oh why won't you breathe

how could I have been so wrong
how could I ever leave you there
this is just all my fault
please don't be dead
Track Name: Ghosts In The Wind
and all the ghosts in the wind
remember things that they had seen
they don't remember anything at all

and all the ghosts in wind
forgot everything that they had seen
all they do is meaningless
Track Name: Heroes
goodbye to the heroes of today
they all just fade away
goodbye to the lovers of today
they all just slip away

like tears in the rain

goodbye to the people from this place
they all just bring themselves to hate
goodbye to the friends of yesterday
why did you scare them away?

why did you?
Track Name: Paranormal's Alternator
as the credits roll in and we are gone
the master of the game will laugh alone
we played it all in vain

when I wake up I'll die and
everything I've done will be left behind
my progress won't be safe from them

well the game was a bore
I don't want it anymore
the undead rise and play it twice

alright I'll play it again
just hope I'll do ok
"you can do it I belive you"
well here we go

we fight the paranormal's alternator
the mole people we infiltrate them
we are so much stronger now

and the boss fight was a mess
but we hit the robot in the chest
fucking garbage purple android

the gang wins this round
look who is laughing now
he's covered in shame the what's his name

we'll see you around
me and the boys are going now
your game still sucks loser face
where's the bus out of this place
Track Name: Lack
at the crime scene they told us the lore
the unseen blackness that devoured them all
all the colours would disappear of sight
and hopelessness would be felt inside

with a disturbing lack of tones

then we felt something in the air
it was hard to breathe and stand up there
something moved in the corner of my eye
and when I looked I was out of time

but it'll never fill our hole
the hand won't turn me into coal

everyone was gone in the night
presumably dead came into my mind
my eyes twitched and I was out of air
and the second later I was not there

they'll never see our bones
they'll never see them
Track Name: Wharf
well the training was fun but i am really tired of this
we have seen the evil lord and spit all over his
giant castle we thought it was done but it was not

it's that one fight always leads to another
but we don't have space to eat pizza and go on
adventuring by ourselves just for fun and laugh

I wish I could get back to the time we could still see
each other, the time when we didn't have to fight to be
alone, the wharf is closed and we are one in here
but I don't know for how long it will be

and once again they are calling us for help
but they don't even look at me on the streets
what the hell I just want to rest and be with you right now

you say that's very mean and I see what you mean
I'm sorry I sound so bored all the time
I just want to be someone else than me for a change of mind