Beyond The Eternal Winter

by .oilage

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My second album with singing. I think I got a little better at it.
One song and 24 seconds shorter than my first one, but I think it is a lot better. Thank you for listening!


released January 5, 2015

Mostly recorded in December 2014.
Favourite Place recorded in November 2014
Eternal Winter recorded in October 2014.
Cover art is Edouard Manet's Rochefort's Escape.




.oilage Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

.oilage is my weird music project.
For older releases, check my second page.
WARNING: May contain nonsense.

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Track Name: Oak Door
I can see the parking lot beam
towering high and some loud buzzing
showing colours not seen before
and inside the oldest oak door

the scene was paralyzing
and green light surrounds me
electromagnetic spikes
I become one with light

suddenly it's the 1400's
and the piramids are glowing
weird clothing and people dancing
bending light while they're chanting
Track Name: Coma
I wake up and see the rising sun
with no idea where I came from
the memories came when I saw your face
but I don't care it is too late

and so I'll disguise myself as an
airplane and fly with you to the
city and see the lights from the
place you came from before sleeping

I'm fully numb for what's going on
my senses are decaying one by one
but the memories push me and make me stay
And I don't feel like coming out anyway

I'm in a coma now
I'm not coming out
Track Name: Idle Visions
all these idle visions on my
head are hard to decipher
I think we need to combine

our powers together are stronger
we need to take care of each other
survival depends on you and I

read those signals in the sky
detach the missiles from your spine

after all this time awaiting
the aliens came and started making
a time machine near the city hall

we need to start cracking the code
before they go and make humans explode
our species won't exist anymore
Track Name: Circus Gang: OUT!
everything seems so different now
I want to help but I don't know how
I was not there, but no one ever talks about it

the world has changed visibly for the worse
and no one knows how to break the curse
the circus gang was needed when we sent they home

we burned their club and they gave up
we thought we were safe and we threw them out
I was not there, but it didn't matter anyhow

the invisible lizards, they are all coming back
and now I don't think they're going anywhere
the city will become what it was before

powerful monsters and giant machines
back to the terror we had already seen
I need to call them before this city blows up
Track Name: Favourite Place
my favourite place is where I am
I don't listen to what they say

my roots are growing and causing them serious
damage and by living I'm making a series of
bad decisions that will make all my friends
animals go to the hill and leave all their

past behind and go to their new houses
destroying their owners they wither and die

my favourite place is where I am
don't you kill me I'm here to stay

my spreading is unstoppable, fast
and soon I'll lead you all to the end
It'll help all of the animals to ascend
and become one stronger than you

and everyone that came before
they will shine and rip you apart

the farm will come and sing you their song
It will start the end of the world
Track Name: The Witch On The Hill
this place is so cold I can't feel
the tip of my toes, bloods running low
in my veins, welcome to the land of sadness
and emptiness, but no one cares

it's this way since the witch on the hill
came to the village and changed how we feel
and now our bodies feel cold
yet nobody, nobody knows why

I can't stay this way, we should go to her and
seek revenge, go back to the same
but when we got there we found an empty house
with no living thing, she doesn't exist

we just realised we are finite
the wind blows hard and soon we will die
I want not to feel and disappear of sight
Track Name: Bitter Sun, Part 3
the wooden sign inside your sacred spine
you say there's no pain but that's a lie
the critters fight for space into you
you don't need to go but that's what you'll do

flying to the abyss you start to bleed
and after a while not even I can see
the blinding light overcomes everyone
I try to follow you, but now you're gone

now you and the cave are one of the same
we'll never see each other again, but everyone is safe
Track Name: Another Glow
I don't think I've seen you here
before it all came to fall

I would remember a face like yours
yeah, I'm not from here at all

do you want to come with me
I'll show where I used to live

your soul glows bright at night
I've never seen anything like that

I'm glad you aren't scared by me
turn on the fireplace I want to sleep

wanna get closer to me
see what I want you to be
Track Name: Not A Swan
I don't know what it is but I haven't seen it before
well it's really far, could be a swan
but I don't think so because it is approaching and getting really big
and shooting lasers with his eyes, we should get out of here

so turn on the car and shoot him in the teeth
the pistol won't work so bring the submachine
this is the scariest beast I've ever seen
so drive faster and get us to the sea

a stomp on the ground and we are flying all around
a great opportunity to get the beast to fall
back and drown... wait isn't it a sea monster?
shit it is, we shouldn't get any closer
Track Name: Space Pirates
you're on a spaceship wishing upon a star
and I can see you don't want to be where you are
we will drop you on the next place we land
and it's probably here since the engines have failed

so I think you should all prepare to crash
oh hey I got this neat teleporting watch
wait shit I set it eleven feet off the ground
at least there was water all around

at the shore we get to see the local market
full of pirates, sailors and robots with rockets
don't be seen there's a bounty on my crew
I didn't tell you? sorry we are on the loose

well don't worry, just put on this mask
for now I think we both need a rest
get ready, soon we will need to sail
so hop on the back of the giant golden whale

hold on tight, I don't want you falling down
we'll be the best space pirates of them all
what you're saying, this isn't what you wanted?
don't worry, you'll love it, I promise it
Track Name: Skeleton Army
the boats singing our demise
evil spirits in their eyes

a skeleton army stands the fight
appearing out of thin air
throwing their collars at them
will them be able to bear

detach your head from your spine
leave it and go for the light
these fuckboys won't get through the night

deny your sins and scratch the tile
It will just take a while

but the war is rest and endless
like the boy who stole the necklace
lets catch the bastard and rip his face
oh what a disgrace
Track Name: Inside (You Won't Come Back)
why did I tell you to stay
I should have known it wasn't safe
back there
and you won't come back
you were long gone
our base was blown up
by them

and it's all my fault
after all you had told me
it wasn't safe to wait there
and now you're dead

you won't come back

I gather my forces, I go to the source
I jump in the hole to get back your soul
If you are gone, then I'll be gone as well
I won't be giving up so easy this time, you can tell

I'll get you out of here in no time
and if I can't do it, then I'll stay inside
Track Name: Over The Garden
the wind blows out
our house off the ground

the noise it makes
will scatter over them all

it's not safe here
let's follow the river

they won't find us
we need to make a shelter

we will build our new house
over the garden

everything is falling apart
but don't forget who you are
Track Name: Eternal Winter
how much is it worth really worth fighting for
I gave all I got but the sun won't shine anymore

maybe I was wrong and the sun isn't the answer
the snow falls and I can see what really matters